NPL Newsletter

Spring 2006 Newsletter of NPL featuring the MAVIS instrument on page 6 (PDF 1.6MB).

MAVIS-II flyer

A one page PDF flyer (1.6 MB) giving a brief outline of the MAVIS-II wound measurmeent instrument.

MAVIS-II Powerpoint presentation

A Presentation in MS PowerPoint (4.2 MB) presentation outlining details about MAVIS. Fully commented with 'speaker’s notes’.

MavisCal Project report

A Report summarising the details of the MAVIS-II calibration project with the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) (MS-Word, 2.9MB)

MAVIS-II - NPL Good Practice Guide

A “Best Practice guide” written by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) for the use of the MVIS-II wound measurmeent instrument. It incorporates the system’s user guide. (MS Word, 4.8 MB)