Infrared Atlas of Normals

The Problem

Medical Thermology is developing rapidly. Very little, however, is known about the range of 'normal’ temperatures. Although the techniques is highly sensitive the current lack of benchmark normals means that it is not specific for the diagnosis or quantification of many diseases.


In order to assist clinicians who have to decide whether a specific thermogram is 'normal’ or not the Medical Imaging Research Unit at the University of Glamorgan and its national and international collaborators aim to develop an Infrared Atlas of Normals.

More Information

Further details about the methods and techniques used together with protocols, and the online database of 'normal’ views can be found here.

Funding and Acknowledgments

The development of the protocol and methods guiding this work has been funded by EPSRC within the framework of a Visiting Fellowship grant of £ 20,000 (GR/850134/01) for Prof. Dr. Dr. Kurt Ammer.

||The design and construction of the Medical Imaging Research Unit’s Infrared Laboratory was funded by an Infrastructure Grant of £ 80,000 by the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW

The exchange of staff between the Medical Imaging Research Unit and it’s Polish collaborators is supported by a British Council Partnership Grant of £ 12,000 over 3 years.