Hand-Arm Syndrome

The problem of Hand-Arm Syndrome

Hand-Arm Syndrome is a summative term describing a variety of clinical phenomena related to lower limb disorders.

Two of the main proponents of the syndrome are “Vibration White Finger Syndrome” and “Repetitive Strain Injury” – both frequent occupational disorder caused by over use of tools, instruments or machinery.

Proposed Solution

An PhD project started in 2006 (student: R. Vardasca) is investigating if and how both disorders can be diagnosed and quantified. Based on the knowledge of normal human skin surface temperature (Atlas of Normals project) and an investigation into the most repeatable stimuli for provoking early signs of the disorder it is hoped that the onset of the syndrome may be detectable at an early stage.

More Information

Further background information on the causes and consequences of Hand-Arm Syndrome together with aims, objectives and the current status of the project can be found here.