Colour Measurement of Wounds

The problem of wound infection

Chronic wounds are often caused by an underlying condition such as venous deficiency or diabetes. They have a tendency of healing extremely slowly. The healing process is often set back by periods of painful infection.

The picture below shows a leg ulcer exhibiting the typical bright red colours typical for infection. Once infection has established itself it is often difficult to dislodge. The histogram shows how it is thought that infected and non-infected wounds may differ in their colour properties.


Once an infection has taken hold it is obviously easy to diagnose – too late. It is therefore the aim of this study to reliably detect the shift from healthy pink granulation tissue to the “angry” red colour of infection at an early stage. With such an early warning mechanism doctors may be able to diagnose the onset of infection and take and immediate preventative action before wound healing is compromised.

More information

Further information about the project, its aims, objectives and approach together with the full version of a Ph.D outling its initial results is available from here