MAVIS-II 3-D Wound Measurement Instrument

The problem of chronic wounds

Wounds are familiar to all of us; they are places on the body where the skin has been broken and for most healthy people, healing is rapid and the wound is soon forgotten.
Chronic wounds in contrast heal very slowly so that ineffective treatments may be prolonged when a new approach is needed. Clinicians need an objective method of deciding if a wound is getting smaller and therefore healing.


MAVIS is an instrument which has been developed since 1988 in the Medical Imaging laboratories at the University of Glamorgan. The name MAVIS means Measurement of Area and Volume Instrument System and was coined to describe its use in measuring the dimensions of wounds.

More information

Further details on the design of the instrument, its operating principle, a case study, a FAQ section, a video showing its use, animations, accuracy and precision figures, etc. are available from here